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SIGNpost 00827

*SAFE INJECTION GLOBAL NETWORK* SIGNPOST Post00827 Abstracts + Hep-C/B/D + IDU + Vax + News 04 November 2015 CONTENTS 1. Abstract: Hepatitis C oubreaks in Poland in 2003-2013. Medical procedures as a dominant route of HCV transmission 2. Abstract: Molecular epidemiology of hepatitis B and Delta virus strains that spread in the Mediterranean North East […]

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*SAFE INJECTION GLOBAL NETWORK* SIGNPOST Post00824 Waste-inar + Extract + Abstract + News 14 October 2015 CONTENTS 1. Asia Webinar Series: Sustainable Health Care Waste Management 2. Abstract: The prevalence of hepatitis C among healthcare workers: a systematic review and meta-analysis 3. Extract: Management of sharps injuries in the healthcare setting 4. Abstract: An Epidemiological […]

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*SAFE INJECTION GLOBAL NETWORK* SIGNPOST Post00823 EPI + Pain + Abstracts + News: 2 Outbreaks 07 October 2015 CONTENTS 1. RFP: Request for proposal for a Microneedle patch usability and acceptability evaluation 2. WHO recommendations on reducing pain at the time of vaccination 3. 800+ resources on immunization information systems now in the TechNet Resource […]

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*SAFE INJECTION GLOBAL NETWORK* SIGNPOST Post00818   Ebola + NSI + Needles + Abstracts + News 9 September 2015 CONTENTS 1. Getting to Zero: Ebola Response in Action 2. Abstract: An analysis of multimodal occupational exposure leading to blood borne infections among health care workers 3. Abstract: Prevalence and risk factors of needlestick injuries, sharps […]

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*SAFE INJECTION GLOBAL NETWORK* SIGNPOST Post00812 Global + Kids Shots + Dentists +  Abstracts + News  29 July 2015 CONTENTS 1. Hepatitis: Egypt, Uganda and India to take part in global injection safety initiative campaign 2. World Hepatitis Day: WHO: Unsafe Injections Major Cause of Hepatitis Death 3. Excerpt: WHO Guideline on the Use of […]

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*SAFE INJECTION GLOBAL NETWORK* SIGNPOST Post00807 Waste Position + GBD + Abstracts + Extract + News 08 July 2015 CONTENTS 1. WHO Recruiting for Health Care Waste Position 2. Abstract: Global, regional, and national incidence, prevalence, and years lived with disability for 301 acute and chronic diseases and injuries in 188 countries, 1990-2013: a systematic […]

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*SAFE INJECTION GLOBAL NETWORK* SIGNPOST Post00805 Cambodia? + PWID + MENA + Abstracts 10 June 2015 CONTENTS 0. Moderators Note 1. Cambodia Healthcare Transmitted HIV Inquiry Watered Down 2. Abstract: Impact of laws aimed at healthcare-associated infection reduction: a qualitative study 3. Abstract: Nosocomial outbreak of hepatitis B virus infection in a pediatric hematology and […]

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*SAFE INJECTION GLOBAL NETWORK* SIGNPOST Post00802 ID-AD + Abstracts + News 20 May 2015 CONTENTS 0. New WHO Injection Safety Guidelines 1. Clinical performance and safety of adapters for intradermal delivery with conventional and autodisable syringes 2. Abstract: A prospective look at the burden of sharps injuries and splashes among trauma health care workers in […]

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*SAFE INJECTION GLOBAL NETWORK* SIGNPOST Post00791 Making all injections safe 2020 + Abstracts + News 04 March 2015 CONTENTS 1. New WHO Injection Safety Guidelines 2. Making all injections safe brochure 3. Abstract: Comparison of routes for achieving parenteral access with a focus on the management of patients with Ebola virus disease 4. Abstract: High […]

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*SAFE INJECTION GLOBAL NETWORK* SIGNPOST *SAFE INJECTION GLOBAL NETWORK* Post00781 HCWs + Students + Devices+ Abstracts + News 10 December 2014 CONTENTS 1. Abstract: Assessment of Prevalence and Determinants of Occupational Exposure to HIV Infection among Healthcare Workers in Selected Health Institutions in Debre Berhan Town, North Shoa Zone, Amhara Region, Ethiopia, 2014 2. Abstract: […]