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SIGNpost 00843

*SAFE INJECTION GLOBAL NETWORK* SIGNPOST Post00843    Behaviour Change + Abstracts + News   09 March 2016 CONTENTS 1. Abstract: Towards changing healthcare workers’ behaviour: a qualitative study exploring non-compliance through appraisals of infection prevention and control practices 2. Abstract: Adherence to Healthcare Waste Management Guidelines among Nurses and Waste Handlers in Thika Sub-county- Kenya 3. […]

SIGNpost 00831

*SAFE INJECTION GLOBAL NETWORK* SIGNPOST Post00831 Abstracts + World AIDS Day + News 02 December 2015 CONTENTS 0. Reminder: Key New Injection Safety Publications in 2015 1. Abstract: Reducing needlestick injuries through safety-engineered devices: results of a Japanese multi-centre study 2. Abstract: Impacts of health education on knowledge and practice of hospital staff with regard […]

SIGNpost 00813

*SAFE INJECTION GLOBAL NETWORK* SIGNPOST Post00813 Global Inject Safety Campaign + Abstracts + News 05 August 2015 CONTENTS 1. WHO Injection Safety Policy and Global Campaign 2. The Logistics Handbook: A Practical Guide for the Supply Chain Management of Health Commodities Now Available in Hindi 3. Abstract: Urban-rural inequality regarding drug prescriptions in primary care […]

SIGNpost 00784

*SAFE INJECTION GLOBAL NETWORK* SIGNPOST Post00784    Cambodia HIV + Videos + Abstracts + News     14 January 2015 CONTENTS 1. Commentary: Cambodian HIV Inquiry Reportage Continues to Mislead Public About Healthcare Risks 2. New Videos help check Injection Practices 3. Journal of Viral Hepatitis: Special Issue: Hepatitis C Disease Burden & Strategies to […]

SIGNpost 00731

*SAFE INJECTION GLOBAL NETWORK* SIGNPOST * Post00731 IS & HCWM & Supply tools + Abstracts + News 05 February 2014 CONTENTS 0. Moderators Note 1. AIDSTAR-One Project Highlights: Improving Injection Safety & HC Waste Management 2. The USAID | DELIVER PROJECT has published 2 innovative toolkits to help strengthen human resources for public health supply […]

SIGNpost 00728

*SAFE INJECTION GLOBAL NETWORK* SIGNPOST * Post00728 HC Waste + Data? + Abstracts + News 15 January 2014 CONTENTS 1. New report: Assessment of Health Care Waste Management Practices in Three Districts in Uganda 2. Comment: Using Bad Data to Obscure Deadly Errors 3. Abstract: Needlestick and sharps injuries among medical undergraduate students 4. Abstract: […]

SIGNpost 00705

*SAFE INJECTION GLOBAL NETWORK* SIGNPOST * Post00705 IC Teaching&Learning + NSI + Abstracts + News 03 July 2013 CONTENTS 1. Abstract: Infection control practices in health care: Teaching and learning requirements of medical undergraduates 2. Summary: French Researchers Share Results of National Audit on Standard Precautions 3. Abstract: Unsafe injection practices in Hodeidah governorate, Yemen […]

SIGNpost 00699

*SAFE INJECTION GLOBAL NETWORK* SIGNPOST * Post00699 Statistics + Supply Chain + Abstracts + News 22 May 2013 CONTENTS 1. World Health Statistics 2013 2. Updated Toolkit for Managing the HIV & AIDS and Laboratory Supply Chains Now Available 3. Abstract: Drug trafficking, use, and HIV risk: the need for comprehensive interventions 4. Abstract: Hepatitis […]

SIGNpost 00698

*SAFE INJECTION GLOBAL NETWORK* SIGNPOST * Post00698 AEFI + Abstracts + Jobs + News 15 May 2013 CONTENTS 1. Global Vaccine Safety New: Core Variables For Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI) WHO 2. Abstract: Minimizing the risk of non-vertical, non-sexual HIV infection in children–beyond mother to child transmission 3. Abstract: Strategies and challenges for safe […]

SIGN post 00667

*SAFE INJECTION GLOBAL NETWORK* SIGNPOST * Post00667 New SIGN Publications + Abstracts + News 19 September 2012 CONTENTS 1. New SIGN Publication: Summaries of injection safety country success stories 2. New SIGN Publication: Safe Injection Global Network: Advocacy booklet 3. Abstract: Sharps injuries and exposure to blood and bloodstained body fluids involving medical waste handlers 4. Abstract: […]