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Monthly Archive for August 2015

SIGNpost 00816

*SAFE INJECTION GLOBAL NETWORK* SIGNPOST Post00816 Health Care Waste + Abstracts + News + Post MDG  26 August 2015 CONTENTS 1. HCWM: Philippines: HCWH-Asia promotes non-burn waste management technologies in Cebu 2. Pan Afr Med J Editorial: Health care waste management: a multi speed development in the sub-Sahara African region 3. Abstract: Preparation for global […]

SIGNpost 00815

*SAFE INJECTION GLOBAL NETWORK* SIGNPOST Post00815 Brochure + Abstracts + News 19 August 2015 CONTENTS 1. Abstract: Risk Factors for Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Infection in Areas with a High Prevalence of HCV in the Republic of Korea in 2013 2. Abstract: Healthcare waste management research: A structured analysis and review (2005-2014) 3. Abstract: Legal […]

SIGNpost 00814

*SAFE INJECTION GLOBAL NETWORK* SIGNPOST Post00814  Smart Syringes + Abstracts + News 12 August 2015 CONTENTS 1. WHO calls for worldwide use of “smart” syringes 2. Abstract: Universal treatment success among healthcare workers diagnosed with occupationally acquired acute hepatitis C 3. Abstract: Evaluation of knowledge, practices, and possible barriers among healthcare providers regarding medical waste […]

SIGNpost 00813

*SAFE INJECTION GLOBAL NETWORK* SIGNPOST Post00813 Global Inject Safety Campaign + Abstracts + News 05 August 2015 CONTENTS 1. WHO Injection Safety Policy and Global Campaign 2. The Logistics Handbook: A Practical Guide for the Supply Chain Management of Health Commodities Now Available in Hindi 3. Abstract: Urban-rural inequality regarding drug prescriptions in primary care […]