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Monthly Archive for November 2013

SIGNpost 00723

*SAFE INJECTION GLOBAL NETWORK* SIGNPOST * Post00723 Correction + Abstracts + News 27 November 2013 CONTENTS 1. WHO EURO: Correction to HIV case study in Greece featured in WHO/Europe report on social determinants of health 2. Abstract: Possible transmission risks and genotype distribution of hepatitis C virus infection in Western Turkey 3. Abstract: Transmission of […]

SIGNpost 00722

*SAFE INJECTION GLOBAL NETWORK* SIGNPOST * Post00722 Help + Video + Waste + DHS + Abstracts + News 20 November 2013 CONTENTS 0. A call for help: Supply chains for drugs 1. “Giving an intradermal injection” A new video by the Global Health Media Project 2. Pakistan: Innovative solution for sharps waste management in tertiary […]

SIGNpost 00721

*SAFE INJECTION GLOBAL NETWORK* SIGNPOST * Post00721 Pakistan Law + IAPHL + Abstracts + News 20 November 2013 CONTENTS 1. Pakistan: The Sindh Disposable Syringe Act: putting the act together 2. New Website: International Association of Public Health Logisticians 3. Abstract: Healthcare-associated infections in sub-Saharan Africa 4. Abstract:Incidence rate of needlestick and sharps injuries in […]

SIGNpost 00720

*SAFE INJECTION GLOBAL NETWORK* SIGNPOST * Post00720 Abstract + Threats + News 06 November 2013 CONTENTS 1. Abstract: Report reveals scope of US antibiotic resistance threat 2. Abstract: Threat Report 2013 3. Abstract: Transmission of hepatitis C from a midwife to a patient through non-exposure prone procedures 4. Abstract: Hepatitis B outbreak associated with a […]