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Monthly Archive for July 2012

SIGNpost 00659

*SAFE INJECTION GLOBAL NETWORK* SIGNPOST * Post00659 World Hep Day + Abstracts: NSI Risk more + News 25 July 2012 CONTENTS 1. World Hepatitis Day, 28 July “It’s closer than you think” 2. Global Alert and Response (GAR)Global Hepatitis Programme 3. New: Prevention and Control of Viral Hepatitis Infection: Framework for Global Action 4. WHO […]

SIGNpost 00658

*SAFE INJECTION GLOBAL NETWORK* SIGNPOST * Post00658 Abstracts: 1950s? Advances Re-use No Harm + News 18 July 2012 CONTENTS 1. Abstract: The expansion of HIV-1 in colonial Leopoldville, 1950s: driven by STDs or STD control? 2. The World Must Build On Three Decades Of Scientific Advances To Enable A New Generation To Live Free Of […]

SIGNpost 00657

*SAFE INJECTION GLOBAL NETWORK* SIGNPOST *SAFE INJECTION GLOBAL NETWORK* Post00657 MDG + Abstracts: Waste + HCW & Sharps + IDUs + Hep 11 July 2012 CONTENTS 1. The Millennium Development Goals Report 2012 2. Abstract: Survey of sharp waste disposal system in clinics of New Karachi 3. Abstract: Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Health-Care Waste […]

SIGNpost 00656

*SAFE INJECTION GLOBAL NETWORK* SIGNPOST *SAFE INJECTION GLOBAL NETWORK* Post00656 Yves Chartier + Abstracts Hep (SNIF) AIDS + News 4 July 2012 CONTENTS 1. Announcement: Yves Chartier Prize 2. Needle stick injuries among dental students: risk factors and recommendations for prevention 3. Abstract: Occupational Exposure to Blood-Borne Pathogens in a Tertiary Hospital: Benchmarking Using Patient […]